What is Qualifiable as Hot?

I have never been decided as "Hot" although my classmates in my Hairdressing Course say "I'm worthy of being in Batman Movies (compliment?)"

SO I was wondering What is hot (body-wise, hair-wise, height-wise, and personality-wise, and Hobby-wise)

i.e. I like guys who are Tall, anywhere from 5'8" and up. Weight doesn't matter to me, but I like guys who make an effort to be fit. I like guys that have darker hair than me, but there have been a few I see that are blond that I think, "he is hot" To me hair length depends on the guy, as well as skin tone. I like loud goofy guys that are smart, and I like it when a guy will Play Quarrel with me. I like guys who like to game, and I really like hearing about Paint-ball or Airsoft (Although I don't play either) and I absolutely love Frisbee, Hockey or Lacrosse.

And what are you like?

i.e. I am 5'10" and roughly 130-140 pounds, my pants size is a 4, and my cup size is a 34 D. I am mostly Leg (in proportion to my torso) I have artificial Red (Red not orange) hair, and Green eyes, I do however, look like a natural Redhead(apparently) I am really pale. I am shy when you get to know me, then I become more outgoing. I like to play fight. I love to cook (call me girlie I know but its so much fun) and I like video games like Fabel, Super Mario games, and Pokemon. I do occasionally watch anime. I love playing Hockey (If I'm on Defense), Any Frisbee (Ultimate or any other), and Lacrosse, however I hate to actually work out. I love eating as much as I love cooking.

just wanted other peoples prefernce this isn't really about me, I knowv people have different thoughts about what is 'hot' and what they like. because I am curious about others opinions, and I thought 'what the hell let them explain about themselves as well.' I thought this looks fun


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  • People's opinions of hot nowadays differ so much, you can't make everyone happy! For me, I like guys who are social, I tend to go for creative types too ie: in a band, create art, acting ect because I tend to like those vibrant kind of personalities. Weight isn't an issue, I don't mind a few extra pounds but I'd like my ideal guy to be reasonably healthy. Taller than me I like, just because I like to kiss someone taller than me and feel protected. I like dark hair, never ever light. I quite like a good tattoo on a guy too. As for hobby wise, as I said someone's who's social, likes to party, social drink, go to gigs because that's what I enjoy and I'd like him to have some interest in the same hobbies I do. The main personality traits I go for are loyalty - for obvious reasons, sensitive when he needs to be and outgoing.

    I'm jealous that you are a natural redhead and have green eyes! Lucky girl. You sound lovely, honestly, the right guy clearly hasn't come along. I'm 5,7ft about 120 pounds, pale, size 4 pants, 32C bra size, long legs, long-ish platinum blond hair in a very unique to me style, blue eyes, tattoos, piercings, alternative style - I don't do the whole 'indie' look. I'm quite up for meeting new people, strong morals and family values, loyal, generous, reasonably confident but I don't have loads of self esteem, I just front it and make the most out of a situation with humour. I'm a good listener, I'm also a good cook, film fanatic, love travelling, very varied taste in music and I skateboard. I'm single by choice but I don't have much attention or get compliments really but I couldn't care less, if people judge me purely on my appearance then that doesn't appeal to me and I won't give the the time of day. I find it very shallow, you want a guy who falls for your personality, not just your looks.

    • Thank you this was the answer type I was looking for,

      BTW I am Not a natural Redhead, although people ask me all the time if I am because I guess my haircolor just fits.

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    • Its a dirty Blondish color but does have few natural red highlights I think (I've spent so long red lol)

    • Sounds alright! That's why I dyed my hair too, was a dirty blond but I found it extremely dull. Glad you liked my answer and it's been nice to read all about you and with any luck Mr Right will come along soon enough eh, good things come to those who wait after all.

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  • First of all, "hot" means "pretty, but in an overtly sexual way." If you don't dress or act "sexy" or even "slutty," then guys may just say "cute" or "pretty' instead of "hot". IMO, if they say "worthy of being in Batman movies", that means they think you're hot, but are afraid to say "hot" to your face, because you might get offended or weirded out by it.

    I'm sure tons of guys think you are hot, but being a tall girl, you're also going to intimidate a lot of them, especially the ones shorter than you, and so they may be less inclined to give you "sexual" comments like "hot" than a shorter, less intimidating girl. That doesn't mean they don't THINK you're hot, though; it means they aren't sure if they can interest you.

    I wouldn't worry about this much if I were you. You'll do just fine.

  • There is no one definition of being hot since every man has his own definition of hot. However, most men try to rate women based on how close she is to Megan Fox. She's supposedly the "it" girl right now


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  • i'm not sure if this is an add to meet someone or a question but...i'll answer your question what is qualifiable as hot..its whatever the guy thinks is hot! there are no general answers for that question. some like girls with big t*ts, some like blondes, some like thick girls, some like skinny girls. however, I've noticed one thing guys all find hot is CONFIDENCE! you can be a shy girl because that makes you more mysterious but taking care of yourself and showing your confidence is hott.