Why can't I fit women's sizes?

I went Victoria's Secret today and my mom gave me money there as a birthday gift . I bought all small sizes in underwear . I compared those to my underwear at home and they looked too big. Then I looked on website and they only had size 4 (xs) and 6(s) listed to compare . I tried on jeans at another store also and jand for me a 6 is too big and a 4 way too tight. What can I do?


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  • the sizes at victoria's secret are marked a size than they really are. I wear a small, but I would have to get an ex small in panty size there. Sizes in general are different depending on the brand.


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  • Could it be that you are petite? Also, different sizes vary through different brands, but if you find that you aren't fitting into "regular" sizes, then I suggest going into the petite sections and/or looking for pants labeled as "short" instead of "regular" or "long."