Cute...Pretty...or Gorgeous?

Guys do you like girls who are cute...pretty...or gorgeous... I mean which one would you rather have a relationship with?

Girls you can answer about guys too

I know that there is beauty on the inside I was just wondering about the outside


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  • In my opinion, a girl can be "cute" without actually being attractive. There may be a few things about her that are cute, like her smile or something she does. But it doesn't mean that everything about her is necessarily attractive.

    Being "pretty" means that a girl has a pretty face, and probably a decent body. However, this doesn't cover things like how well her face meshes with her body, or her mannerisms.

    To be "gorgeous", I think a girl has to be good looking, have a good body, and have the two fit in conjunction with each other. She would be stylish and confident. This, to me, is the word that describes the cream of the crop for girls, physically.

    You ask which one we would want to date, but there are a lot more than looks that go into dating a girl. Their personalities have a ton to do with it.


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  • If a guy really like the girl, in his eyes she is all that and more.

    true beauty is on the inside.


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  • My guy calls me all 3. I think sometimes they can all go together and that would be the perfect girl to any guy.