Looks are in eye of beholder?

so how do know what you look like to other people

i know if I was good looking guy I would go near becasue he might like me because I look even say hello.

how do know what look like to other people well I am not popular

well I know I am not good looking or hot

i am long time Facebook with my photo no one added not once not even message guys never ever talk to me any where I get bare hello even that amazing to me .

yet good looking I see has hundreds girls added he put photo he in on dated with girls adding him .so he must know he is good looking

it hard for to make guys after all time they seem have natural hated for me I don't know what to do

i am not teens and 20s no more so it more difficult as well.

so what does the likes of me who is not popular not good looking not tall not slim not young guys have natural hated for me

a bit like mongoose and snake .it in DNA to hate me made it clear that they do have zero interested in as well that is also made clear to me .life is lonely so so very lonely

i really don't know what to do ?i have single guy on Facebook to talk to . I have no male friends I have tried making them they not interested even as friend which is very bad I go sport event I am none exited to them they don't even learn my name nor try to know I am passed off as wasted of time and energy

i guess if you not good looking fit young woman life is going very very her believe I know its all I know guys don't like me had said till I am blue in the face so I guess no choice but accepted it

there are some really good looking my country like this one she is model and miss Ireland if I look like her I would guys like me and lots of friends I would not be lonely like I am my entire life

here is miss Ireland :

i wish I was pretty as Lynn Kelly model guys would not be problem every one would nice guys would like me and be nice

but that's only a dream

i would like to like her I know only wishful thinking

guys like her .

i wish I was worth I was knowing but I guess I am .some people ahve all the luck . I wish I was good looking so people would effort to know me but none do and guys hate me

its not fair I can.t make guys like me ever becasue how I look and my age its not fair so not fair.

good looking people have countless friends every one likes them I mean every one .its not fair its so not fair


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sites like "hot or not" can give a fairly blunt and harsh assessment of your looks.

    The GirlsAskGuys.com website has it's "Reality Check" function, though it isn't often used, it can also be another way to get an assessment of how you look to the opposite gender.


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  • First off you should always feel good about your self period! People are so stuck on looks it sad. Just because you might not think your pretty some body does and will. You have to love you first before someone else will. Try getting a make over going to a professional to help.

    • love you self how do I do when I have no motivation .guys hates me no matter what I do.most guys I know don't like me and are married and rest of guys hate me so I don't know any more