How to wear Red&Black Vans?

Shoes are 1/2 red (front) +1/2 black (back

Idk what summer clothes I can wear with them?

Color of clothes?

Length of socks ( should they be Red/black as well to match shoes?)

Shorts? Skinny longcut shorts, jeans shots, widecut shorts (color?)

T-shirt or a shirt?

link - Vans


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  • Sweet shoes! I like them, vans are always a good call. I wouldn't worry too much about socks, I think they're pretty safe to wear with neutral colors such as grey, white and black but don't mix those shoes with items of bold color else you'll just look like patchwork. Shorts you could get away with, possibly not wide cut shorts because where the shoes are quite slimline, I imagine the shorts will make your lower body look really out of proportion. I'd say skinny shorts would look best. Denim or a other darker color. Teamed with a cool shirt or casual tee, either could be pulled off. Just think about color! The main outfit statement should be the shoes, don't worry too much about the outfit, just stick to simple tones.

    • Today I wore those shoes with orange socks, orange shorts and white t-shirt with a classic black+white design. What would be your opinion of me?

      First time I tried WideCut but you are right the shoes are slim and shorts are too wide so I switched to slimcut. Do you believe that shoes should be the shiniest item on men?

    • Brave guy. I hate orange and I'd have to see the outfit to judge it, sounds pretty out there.

      Good choice about the slim cut. No, I don't think shiny is the right word. Vans aren't shiny, yours are just a bright centrepiece.

  • I think they would look great with a black beater or tank top, and some red pants, the kind that come below the knee, but above the ankle, the cargo kind with the pockets on the side.

    Socks .um... I would say black. They kind that come below your knee but above your ankle. Tell me what you think okay? Be honest.


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