Most attractive quality in someone you're interested in or have been "checking out"

Please feel free to elaborate and shoot straight...

  • Confidence
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  • Personal Style
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  • Communication Style
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  • The way they treat others
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  • Other (Name it)
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  • Kindness. That quality is absolutely *huge* in my book. If a guy has it, he's a winner.

    It sounds a bit odd, but I've found that genuinely kind people have this "different smile" about them where you can just tell. It's hard to explain, but it just expresses itself in a person's face.

    • I agree! Smiles should reach all the way up to your eyes.

    • Exactly! :) A person's actual smile can express so much about them that we pick subconsciously.

    • Thanks for BA :)

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  • The guy I'm currently interested in is just crazy about me, and I don't even know why, and he doesn't either. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. The things we do have in common make him really special to me. Even though I do want us to have some differences, I honestly think that things could be even better if there were certain other things we had in common. We'd have more to talk about and more shared interests and things to bond over. But he's really nice to me, so I don't wanna complain.

    Of the choices you have, I'd pick D.

  • Passion for life, what they do, and what they are interested in. So sexy.

  • He had a little extra- stocky build, so to speak.

    He was around 5'8"/ 5'9". (I'm 5'3-5'4")

    He was nicely pressed and dressed.

    He smelled amazing.

    He had beautiful vanilla skin, sky blue eyes, and really tasty looking lips. Sorry ... I was on a roll. x DD

    His quietness attracted me. He said everything with his body language and eyes.

    I wanted to ask him out, but I wasn't sure if he were into black women.

    I won't let the opportunity past again!

  • His looks and his style and he takes everything very easy

  • Confidence :D I usually date guys that have a lot of that element

  • caring helpful friendly and affectionate

  • the way they treat others tells a lot about a person, confidence and style are useless like anyone can have those, but only an amazing man who treats others right and is kind and good hearted is the only winner

    theres this man I work with, I wouldve never thought of him to be attractive but because of how he treats others and how nice he is and just a good noble man, I think he's the sexiest man ever.

  • In the people I've been interested in it's been their confidence/dominance, for guy's I've checked out, it's been thier looks.


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