What interpersonal style do you prefer in a partner?

Please just submit your own if none of the poll options fit.

  • Controlling / demanding / A-type / hard-charger / knows what they want ad not afraid to get it
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  • Submissive / meek / humble / compliant / flexible
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  • Stands up for themselves, has their principles, but not overly pushy
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  • Kind doting and affectionate
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  • Spaced out / detached / in a haze / drugged up
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Most Helpful Girl

  • First of all, I just want to let you know that I like the questions you ask on this site. They are different and entertaining. :)

    The qualities I require in a partner have changed over time. They became much more realistic and more important as well. Some of these things are:

    1) Intelligence

    2) Kindness: I want someone to treat me with respect and care. This is very important to me.

    3) Has a mind of his own: I want someone who does not follow the crowd. He respects people's opinion, he listens very well, but in the end he chooses a path that suits him.

    4) Pride: He has to have faith in himself and be proud of himself overall.

    5) Responsibility

    6) Someone I'd feel safe with: I want to have peace in mind while being with him.

    7) Not controlling/Not abusive: I want someone who's emotionally and mentally stable.

    8) Affectionate: something that I miss having in my life.

    And more. :)


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