Is my hair perm damaged?

I did my own hairline one time..just once 4 years ago and my hairline never return to normal.i have missing hair on the edges and I have every thing it never grew back...I was not taking care of my hair before until just recently( 2 months ago).I use to wash my hair out everyday with HOT WATER...i think this damaged it...Is what is happening to me called perm damaged hair?...Help


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  • What do you mean "did your hairline"?

    • i shaped it up myself

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    • Well that is odd that it stopped growing there but I suggest getting the Rogaine foam and using it as directed everyday and see what happens. Keep me updated as to how it works. Feel free to give me best answer as the other answers were not so good :P Oh good luck man

    • Thnx and keep me informed with the rogaine. It is not too expensive and it works an many people

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