Do guys like girls that pursue them?

I noticed while it usually works out when guys pursue girls, the reverse usually doesn't.

Moreover, if guys don't necessarily pursue aggressively, does that mean they're just not into the girl?



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  • It depends on the guy. Some guys need a little prodding, but in general, even if the girl has an aggressive style, she should leave the asking up to the guy. Girls tend to have a lot of suitors, so it's sort of a subconscious signal of desperation when a girl goes looking for a guy ("will no one else have her?"). However, not all guys will care, even if they have their own girls to pursue. It can be flattering to know that a girl has sought you out because it's a sign that she sees something worth having.

    Regarding your second question, a guy can be very interested in a girl and not pursue her at all. It depends on confidence level. It's also true that some girls don't like to be aggressively pursued because they believe that the guy is seeking them for the wrong reasons (ex. one night stand).


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  • I like when a girl pursue me. It tells me she really wants to see me, and it gives me the advantage of already knowing she likes me when I ask her out.


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  • I've read that it is not a good idea for the girl to pursue the guy. She should hint to him by flirting, smiling, etc. Yet, it is up to HIM to ask her b/c, like you mentioned, it shows that he really is into you--enough to get over his nerves and ask you out. Also, if a girl asks that guy out, he may not have the guts to say no, so he goes out with her even if he doesn't like her, that is why those relationships don't work out. I would think he feels "less of a man" if the girl asks. Plus, it isn't fun for the guy if the girl is chasing him. Honestly, do you want a guy who isn't confident enough to ask you out?

    • ...So a guy would want a girl that isn't confident enough to ask him out?

      I get what you're saying and don't necessarily disagree. That's how it usually works, right? I just find the double standard sort of silly.