What are some reasons a guy...

Would do a double take and look at you again?

Would you look again at girl who is ugly and be like "damn she's ugly"? Do you look at a girl again only if she beautiful or you're attracted to her? If she was wearing a somewhat revealing top (Say a plunging neckline, not too indecent though) would it cause you to look again?

I was wondering because when guys do that, I get really conscious and wonder if there's something on my face or my clothes are weird and stuff like that and pretend not to notice them looking at me ( I won't even look in their direction, I get nervous,especially when they keep staring till I walk away and find something else to do.)

Weird question?


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  • Its not only guys, girls do it to they're just not as obvious about it. Lol. Well my guy friends told me its because they're double checking. They saw something and they are not sure if what they saw was appealing so they do a double take to see. Or if they think a girl is pretty. I've also seen them do it to girls who are ...ahem.. ugly.. like with a whole face load of make-up that it looks like a V for vendetta mask. They'll sometimes triple-take because its so odd. People generally do it when they see something out of the ordinary. This could mean, they see a pretty girl, an attractive body, or somebody who could use some fixing. If you groom yourself well and don't overdue the make-up or dress like a hooker, I'm sure its because they think you're good-looking.


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  • No it's definitely not because a girl is ugly. If a girl is damn ugly, I try to turn away as fast as I can and never look back. Haha.

    Usually it's because she attractive, or because I want a better look at something she's wearing (also maybe because she's attractive :p). It's awkward to keep gawking, though, so I'll usually limit it to another quick glance, or else if I'm really intrigued I'll go over and say something to her.


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  • Unless you look horrendously bad, guys do a double take because the girl looks good. You're probably cuter than you think

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