What do you do when you pass someone in a hallway or on the sidewalk whom you find attractive?

It's generally accepted that these moments are pretty awkward (whether the other person is attractive or not - just any time you pass someone else). Especially when you start out far away but can easily see each other. I personally usually just look to the side or down. I try to see if I can make eye contact for about half a second so that I can give a brief, polite smile, but usually that doesn't happen because the other person almost always makes sure never to look at me during the "passing" haha. What do you do? If you found the person attractive would you ever try to act on it?

For the poll, if you've ever done A, D or E, choose those options. Otherwise, choose B or C, depending on which one you do more often.

  • I (sometimes) bump into them on purpose to try and create an opportunity for introductions
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  • I avert my eyes the whole way until we've passed each other... awkwarrrrd
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  • I avert my eyes most of the way but if we catch eyes I exchange a polite smile
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  • I mug them
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  • I (sometimes) just straight out introduce myself (balls/ovaries of steel are required for this)
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For the people who say they introduce themselves, some examples of how to do so would be awesome.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'll stop and introduce myself if they meet my gaze at all...if they look away, I make a point of looking a woman up and down and check out her behind, just to show her for being such a snob...she of course, averted eyes or not, is totally aware of me looking her over!


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What Girls Said 5

  • I make as much eye contact as possible, and maybe raise an eyebrow in appreciation, or smile.

    I never say anything tho.

    • "Raise an eyebrow in appreciation" haha? I can't picture that.

  • I'll try to make eye contact and smile.

  • i'm very shy, so I avoid eye contact and look the other way, especially if he's attractive to me.

  • I'm super shy so I pretend I don't take much notice in them, when I really do. And I don't really make eye contact either. I hate being shy :p

  • The spring semester of my senior year in high school there was this guy that I really liked and found attractive. and his 2nd period class was across the hall from my 2nd period class (and these were in the middle of the hall). coming from our 1st period classes we'd walk from opposite ends of the hallway towards the middle. and often we would start down the hallway relatively at the same time. almost everyday that semester it was an awkward "do I look at him? do I look straight down the hallway? maybe at my feet?" for about 30 seconds haha. we often locked eyes and it was weird but awesome at the same time haha.

    • Haha nice. See, if that happens, where the two of you pass each other on a regular basis, at least that provides a decent context for a conversation to happen instead of just making one out of nothing.

    • well, you're trying to get to class...and its weird just stopping them in the middle of the hallway haha. he and I did sit next to each other in our 4th period class though :) but it was a film class so we're watching movies the whole time and didn't get many chances to talk, especially since his best friend sat behind me. turns out that he liked this one girl in that class though and from what I know they're still dating (started the summer after senior year & its been a whole year later)

What Guys Said 3

  • I go up and talk to her. Girls are often more scared of guys than guys realize. It takes balls to talk to a girl, especially an attractive one. If she says "yes", it shows me that it was worth my time and effort. If she says "no" then I move on to the next girl. Girls love it when you know what you want and aren't afraid to try and take it.

    • How would you do it? Do you have an example of the first things you would say?

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    • Teasing or joking always works best for breaking the ice. Ask her if she'll hold some stolen jewels you are trying to offload. Find a prop or something that she's interacting with that can be made the subject of a joke. Use the surroundings to make a comment about how "funny" she is in a teasing way.

    • You can always practice on girls that work in retail stores. They work there, so they aren't going to be super rude if they aren't interested. The most important thing is not to try and get too much advice. You can't pull up advice while you're talking with a girl. A conversation is something that happens naturally. Speak with every girl you can next time you're in a mall at every shop. Pay attention and take notes on any failed approaches so you can improve in the future.

  • I ALWAYS look at attractive girls in their eyes as they pass by. I would have to disagree with you on the awkward part since it's only awkward if one or both people are afraid of human contact

    • Well, it's mainly awkward when one or both of them avert their eyes.

  • I just look at them, make eye contact and just keep on walking. I currently don't have balls of steel, so I don't introduce myself. I generally do make eye contact a lot of the time with girls but I never make a conversation out of it or introduce myself. :\