Does anyone know how to get rid or cellulite naturally or at least make it less visible?

i have cellulite on my butt and under my butt I hate it :/ I don't want my butt to shrink but I don't want to have cellulite either does anyone know how to make it less visible in a way that I don't have to lose my butt!?


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  • Be prepared for people to come on here and say that you can't get rid of cellulite. They're wrong.

    You CAN get rid of cellulite. Drinks lots of water and cut down on salt. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. But most importantly, workout! Do lots of cardio, weight training, lunges with weights, even yoga. A few years ago Cosmo come out with a great article about certain exercises to get rid of cellulite. I can't remember exactly what they were but I'm sure if you research it more and google how to target and get rid of cellulite on your butt through exercises then you'll find a lot of things you can do. I remember one of them was were you got into plank position (or girl push up position if you want) and kicked out your legs.

  • Lunges and squats can be a girls best friend. They tone and tighten and can help REDUCE the appearance of cellulite

    Also, aim for 30-60 minutes of cardio a day

    • will that affect the size of my butt?

    • No ma'am

      In fact, if anything, it'll shape it more and make it more toned and amazing! Few girls notice their butts get bigger or smaller

    • thank you :)