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there's this girl in my school and I really like her hair, I want my hair to kinda be like that, and because I want to impress my boyfriend because I know he talks to her and I just want to have perfect hair like that. when I straighten it it always looks really frizzy, dry and thick but when you feel it, it feels soft but it definitely doesn't look like it. so I'm gonna go to get my haircut sometime this week and I want my hair to look like that. it's kinda short, a little past the shoulders, she has layers but they go straight down so it blends in (I already have layers so maybe I shouldn't get anymore?) and its extremely shiny!. by the way she has dark brown hair. now my hair is blond and kinda long and its not straight or curly, it has no certain definition its different every time and its always static-y after I straighten it! please help me and give me some advice on what to say when I get it cut and what I can do to make it shiny without having to spend a lot of money. by the way I'm thinking about getting it thinned because I think that might help, is that a good idea or no?


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  • On top of what catgirl said... make sure your straightener is ionic with ceramic plates... It gives super straight very shiny results..I don't have an expensive one (I got mine at CVS and its by Revlon...cost about $50 I think) but it does an amazing job. I rave about it.

    Also, be sure to use a straightening balm when your hair is wet, before you blow dry and straighten...helps to protect your hair/keep it healthy and helps with straightening. And always start with clean hair...never try and straighten "dirty" youve had it out and put product in it or havnt washed it within the last couple hours.

    On top of all that..keep in mind that its probably something in this girls genes making her hair behave a certain way, so don't be disappointed if your hair isn't exactly like hers...the only way it woudl be is if she's your sister..and even that's not a garuntee! My daughter and I have completely different hair textures...its impossible for us to recreate each others hairstyles.


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  • Ok well when you get it cut ask for her to razor it. I got that doen and it made my hair a little thinner ( I have really thick hair) and it made it easier to straighten. ANd it just looks better too. Also spray some static guard on your hair straightener before you straighten your hair. I also have the static problem and that usually fixes it. and if you straighten your hair a lot I would invest in a good straightenre like a chi. it makes your hair shiny and smooth and it;s better for your hair's health too. chis are expensive but you might can look online and get one pretty reasonable

    And get some frizz stuff to use too


    1) get it razored

    2)spray static guard on your hair straightener

    3) get frizz product

    4) invest in a good straightener

  • when your hair is wet from the shower, put a nickel-sized amount of anti-frizz serum in it (bumble&bumble has a great one "defrizz", and john frieda's is good too...and cheaper).

    let it air dry instead of blow-dry, to avoid over-abusing your hair. heat is damage. maybe for school you could shower the night before, do the frizz serum, then just let it dry overnight.*

    *a satin pillowcase is GREAT for avoiding frizz while you sleep.

    in the morning, your hair just needs to be brushed, then you can straighten it. it takes longer this way, but do small sections at a 1 or 2 inches...pull the straightener slowly so that you don't have to go over it multiple times, because that can break your hair making it frizzy.

    when it's done, spray it with static spray...even the stuff for clothes works. just something to keep it from being staticy.

    final step: a shine agent. garnier has a whole brilliantine collection that is great...the spray is really nice, because you can actually omit the static spray if you use it.

    hope this helps!

  • what kind of straightener are you using? because if it's a cheap one it might not be doing the trick, especially if you have thick hair. also, you need to straighten your hair in layers, not all at once.

  • Definitely invest in some really good frizz preventer. Do get it thinned, but only get your layers thinned, leave the bottom section of your hair thick, also, if you have the top layers cut quite short, (about 5 inches) it gives volume to only the top of your hair, which, in my hair, stopped the thickness. Blonde hair generally doesn't shine as much as darker hair, this is because of the colour of it. So, use lots of conditioner when washing you hair, and buy some shine spray/ serum. Definitely use good straighteners, old or cheap ones aren't good for your hair. Make sure they are ceramic plates, not ceramic coated. ionic reduces frizz, aswell.

    I don't know if you live in the U.S.A, but in the U.K, GHD is definitely the best brand, and they are amazing!

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