Help me pick out some organic/natural shampoo&conditioner//Argan oil worth it?


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which has better ingrediants? I have dry, frizzy, curls. I was also thinking of buying some pure argan oil? Is that stuff worth the money, anyone try?

oils weigh down my hair, what are some natural ways to hydrate/moisturize hair other than oil?


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  • I dislike argan oil. it weighed down my hair SO much even when I would only use a few drops, and I have pretty thick curls!


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  • I have dry frizzy curls as well. I've never tried any of the brands you linked. I use Ouidad and have had really good results with it. Also, I tried aragon oil and didn't see much improvement, but saw a lot of improvement with coconut oil.

    • I have some coconut oil, it seems to weigh my hair down... maybe I will try it as a hot oil treatment before I wash my hair...