Girls: How do you care for your hair?

So I have naturally wavy hair. But it's very thin and its not a pretty wavy. Some areas don't wave completely and other section more than the others. I don't have a lot of hair so straightening it often causes a lot of damage or even the use of products. I went out for a cut today and they cut about 6 inches of hair leaving it pretty much damage free. However I don't like short hair styles because of my face shape, I feel it doesn't go right with me. But growing it out is so difficult for me because my hair takes a very long time to grow. So can anyone be of any help? I greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.


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  • Hmm, so you just want a nice style/ way to do your hair?

    well getting the right products for a start, try Shine it comes in a clear bottle and you can find it at target or walmart.

    theres little things you can do to your hair to make it better. if you know you're not gonna be going out for a while, the next time you wash it just comb it out and air dry and put it up when you leave out, who cares what you look like when you're running errands?

    and you should try coloring/dying it. just cause a cut doesn't work doesn't mean you should give up either.