What does she mean by "work it"?

I'm pretty and reserved so, I don't wear clothes that are too revealing and what not. I've noticed that whenever I wear an outfit that shows a bit of skin or that is just nice, a friend of mine will tell me that I look cute but, that I just need to "work it" a little more. What does she mean by "work it"? Any ideas?

*pretty shy.

Sorry that was a typo. I meant to say that I'm pretty shy and reserved not that I'm pretty and reserved.


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  • Confidence. She just wants you to be confident, no matter what you're wearing. I'm curious as to why you are conservative though?

    • I'm just shy and I don't feel comfortable showing skin and stuff like that.

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    • I don't know how to be confident though.

    • Confidence is shown different ways from different people. Ask for her help if you don't know

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  • I think she means if you dressed it up a little more or done something a little different, like tuk or belt something or change some accessories, it's look even better. if not, I really don't know.


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  • She's just talking about your confidence and how you carry yourself.