Statement glasses - should I dare?

I hesitate between two unique pairs. One is shiny black and has the weirdest shape ever (somehow like an owl shaped-eye - reminds me of batman). The other pair is a matte peacock blue (matches my eye color) and has a rectangular shape. Both have the same original geometrical sides but the black pair remains the most eccentric pair of glasses I have ever seen.

I would dare wearing a statement pair but I'm not sure I would go for the black pair. What would you think if you came across someone wearing such a unique fashionable piece? Would you think this person is ridiculous or gutsy?


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  • I'm partial to girls in glasses, so I have a very deep bias - even if the glasses are for fashion and not function.

    But seriously, why let other people decide what you will wear? Fashion is so personal; it is part of what defines your personality. If you can't afford both (since you seem torn between two), buy the pair that you like best, then wear then when it pleases you.

    Someone who wants to be with you won't base that decision solely on whether or not you are wearing glasses, nor how they are styled.


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