What makes a guy attractive ? what qualities in a guy do you females look for the most ?

i have this friend that I really like,but I think its to soon to let her know,its only one year since I've known her,any things that I should know before I tell her ?


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  • Alot of different things like:

    1- The way he carries himself: I like a guy who is spontaneous, humble, confident and friendly. I like him to be a gentleman: help an old lady to cross the road or carry heavy stuff for someone who's struggling..things like that. I need to feel like he has a big heart.

    2- Looks clean and tidy: I am pretty, but I don't really care if my partner is good looking or not. Why? because I am very much attracted to tideness, cleanliness and elegance, more than looks. I think those things make you look more attrctive than anything else.

    3- Kindness: someone who has a big heart is a huge turn on. This doesn't mean to get walked on. It means you are humane.

    4- Intelligence: I love intelligent people who can carry an interesting conversation.

    5- Caring: I hate selfishness.

    6- Support: Girls LOVE guys who are supportive. It means you care and that we're special to you. I like to find you by my side when I need you.

    7- Honesty: Don't tell me fake words to make me fall for you. Just be honest, straightforward and tell me what you really mean.

    8- A great smile: I like a guy who smiles. It makes me feel happy.

    Good luck. :)


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