How can I grow my hair?

i grew my hair out and it was chest length. I decided to cut my hair off to chin length and it completely effed up my hair and now it won't grow and is brittle/breaks off really easy. how can I grow my hair back? I'm tempted to get some extensions


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  • I wrote this answer a while back for Eddy link

    Foods for healthier hair: link

    My main advise would to be eat a well rounded diet that is adequate in protein and omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish. Fish oil supplements and biotin supplements won't hurt though and they are pretty much affordable. Biotin is around $2-$4 at Wal-Mart & Fish oil is around $7+ at Wal-Mart

    If it's brittle, then I suggest doing weekly deep conditioning treatments to help condition and bring back moisture. If you don't already, I also suggest a monthly protein treatment. ApHogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor is a good one as is the Hask Henne and Placenta(both can be found at Sally's). But only do the treatment once a month or as instructed and make sure to moisturize afterwards

    • thanks :) I see the placenta treatment all the time so will try it out. I am taking a multivitamin that has biotin in it

    • Try only using half the first time by the way. I don't know if it's the fact that I used my Dermatitis shampoo(cause I have mild dermatitis) before using the Hask, but my hair seemed dry after using it. I'm thinking it was my shampoo cause I used the shampoo again today and my hair was hard and I had to deep condition with my Aussie so it would soften up -_- I remember from years ago though that the Placenta treatment worked wonders

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  • There's no solution like going down to your local drug store and getting yourself a bottle of $10 Biotin. Take Biotin regularly, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. You're hair will grow quite quickly.

  • Switch with me, I like it short and have to get it cut pretty often lol..

    • lol mine used to grow fast too but not anymore :( id totally switch with ya :p

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  • I have very curly mid back length hair and I never thought I could get my hair this long this fast so I know if I can do it then pretty much anyone can.

    Here is a list of things that helped me:

    -Sleep on a satin pillow case or wrap your hair in a satin scarf

    -If you find that your hair is literally breaking off you need to moisturize and seal.

    -If your hair is chemically treated then you have to deep condition at least once a week.

    -If you use a lot of heat tools on your hair, you should probably use them less (I recommend staying away from them completely except on very special occasions and use heat protectant when you do).

    -Take your time when detangling your hair. I know so many people that just force the comb/brush through their hair from root to ends and you can literally hear their hair breaking. There's no rush and if their is then don't even detangle your hair just put it in a bun and try again when you actually have time to do it properly. You want to start from the bottom and work your way up. Detangling wet hair is easier but hair is weaker when it's wet so be gentle whether its wet or dry.

    -Wash your hair. I have sort of a dry hair type I guess so I only used to wash once a week. Now that I've been washing it bi-weekly I have noticed more growth.

    -If you have a curly hair type wear your hair curly. All of the strength is in the curl and when you straighten it that weakens it's defense.

    -Wear protective hair styles like buns or braids. A lot of people don't like these kind of styles but sometimes you have to sacrifice aesthetic for health.

    -Avoid shampoo (I only shampoo once a month). Shampoo is extremely drying especially if you don't have very oily hair.

    -Don't over trim your hair. You're trying to retain the length so if you're cutting off all of the growth your hair is never going to get longer.

    -When you wash or co-wash, don't pile your hair up on the top of your head and scrub like they do on commercials. You want all of your hair to be very organized and hanging downward and then rub your scalp with your finger tips. This not only helps to cleanse your scalp but the massage effect also helps with the blood circulation to your scalp which is said to help stimulate hair growth.

    -Avoid products with alcohol. It's very drying

    -Avoid using rubber bands or hair ties with metal closures.

    -Don't wrap hair ties too much. The tension will break your hair.

    -Drink lots of water

    -Eat healthy foods

    -Get enough sleep

    A lot of people ask for my tips and advice but they always try to take short cuts and wonder why they're getting no where. If you want you retain as much length as possible and want your hair as healthy as possible then you shouldn't take any short cuts. The most difficult length to get passed is shoulder length because there is a lot of friction and contact between your hair and shoulder/shirt. It gets a lot easier after shoulder length.

    I know it seems like a lot but once you've developed good habits its second nature.

    • Remember it's about retaining length and preventing your hair from breaking because your hair is going to grow at the speed it wants to. I've never tried vitamins so maybe those could help with growth.

    • thanks so much for the help :) I will note everything down

  • If you're still using heat, you are either going to have to limit using heat on your hair to maybe once a month, or stop using heat all together because if you don't you will continue to damage your hair. Try some protective styles so you won't have to put any tension on your hair, check out some of the videos on YouTube because they have so many. I had a similar problem before, I wore braids in my hair for a year about two years ago and when I took them out my hair was nice, thick and it was beginning to grow to a length that I really liked, but after I took the braids out I started using heat which ultimately began to damge my hair. At that that point, my hair had stopped growing and it began to get shorter, so I realized I had to put the braids back in my hair, which is where I am now.

    • Also, do like one of the guys said and buy a bottle of Biotin because it's really good for hair, skin, and nails. Good luck :)

  • The only thing I would be careful with with extensions is whether they look really fake or not. You will really have to spend some money on them if you intend on using them as an everyday kind of thing.

    Like other people have suggested, there are quite a few different vitamins that are made for skin, nails & hair. Those are awesome. Don't wear anything in your hair when you go to sleep and find a silk/satin pillow case or bandanna to wrap your hair in when you sleep.

    • well I plan to invest a few hundred bucks for the hair. I don't want anything cheap or fake looking lol. I'm def going to try the vitamins

    • Good luck! I definitely understand the pain of growing your hair out.

  • There are many advanced products on the market for this problem, but I recommend going Natural to avoid future side effects. A good vitamin product that show good results is Reloxe.

    Vitamin C seem to be used as a source for getting rid of hair color. Vitamin C is also included in abundance in many hair health vitamins that restore healthy hair altogether. Research products like Reloxe at for more info.

  • get a weave :)

  • Get extensions

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