What kind of shoes would you rather your girl to wear? If not here put a link to a pic! :D

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  • Stilettos/Sandals
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  • Boots
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  • Sneakers/Flats
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  • Wedges
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I forgot to add *PUMPS* on the poll. Whoops!
This anonymous person gets best answer for this comment!

"You kind of did not get all the answers you were looking for huh? You know why? :P:P:P:P you gave us 19 links hahahaha. Next question you ask should be (before you answer this question do 50 jumping jacks and 25 push-ups) I met this guy in the mall and blah blah blah do you think he likes me -(now give me 20 chin-ups) hahaha"



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  • https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=w-eJSHoH9Fs the second guy likes all your shoes!

    • oh what the heck o.0

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  • Girls have feet? My eyes never made it down that far. ;-P I really don't pay much attention to what kind of shoes a woman wears. I most likely would not notice unless it was something really bright and flashy that stood out, because it was out of place.

    • HAHA You did not just say that!

    • I really don't care about a girls feet, or her shoes, so I almost never look at them. I think that if a guy comments on how he likes a girls shoes, most of the time he is just saying that, because he knows that is what the girl wants to hear. We can be seen as shallow if we complement a girl on her looks, but if we compliment her style and taste, then the compliment is likely to be appreciated. So some guys will tell you they love your shoes, no matter how terrible they may be.

    • HAHA really.. how weird.

  • I prefer mine to be barefoot and pregnant.

  • 1 & 2! for sure!

  • Stilettos and sandals in the SAME category?

    I do't like heels on girls unless they're more or less obligatory because of work..! In informal sessions, I like sandals. Boots? Well, if we're backpacking, fine...

    • Well the poll only gives 5 options.. I couldn't place them singly, so I tried to pair them up as best as I could! or either or.

  • Just wear something you find comfortable. Really, if a guy pays attention to what shoes you're wearing its very likely he's gay.

  • I really like those sneakers in #19. I'm more into the athletic and casual look on a girl, and they look really comfortable on them. High heels are too formal for me and I don't like how they look that much, for special occasions that's fine. Not really into boots because I like seeing their entire leg, especially the calves. ;)

    BA was sorta funny, but I didn't mind going through all those links and it was interesting. :)

  • Add ...couldn't look at more than one link-#19 was awesome :P


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