When guys stop you on the street to tell you you're beautiful do they actually mean that?

Guys: Have you ever stopped girls just walking on the street or anywhere just to compliment them? When guys tell a random girl she's beautiful do they actually mean that? Or do they actually mean "hot" or something else? How do you want them or expect them to react to your compliment?

Girls: Have you ever been stopped to receive these kinds of compliments? How did you react?

Recently happened to me a few times in the past couple of days and now I'm curious! I was kind of taken aback and surprised so I didn't really know how to react and just said thank you :P


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  • it should be greeted with a thanks but to go anymore than that is inviting them to harrass you, make them chase if that's their intention, but don't show to much interest, maybe a look back as you walk past,x


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  • It's happened to me. Sometimes I say "thanks" or "you're not horrible too" :P or joke about it if they add something more like asking my number or something like that.

    I honestly don't think I should do more than that. And I don't think they expect more as well.

    They mean it, I guess. Why would they say it otherwise? But it's just a random compliment to a random stranger in my opinion. Nothing more.

  • they think you are attractive enough to f*** but that doesn't really mean much, if a guy comes up to me and says that I would think he just wants sex.