Suggest some trendy fashion dresses.

i am excess hairy guy, and hence I cannot wear trendy shirts/t shirts which are sleeveless or short sleeved and I cannot even wear casual stylish shorts like other guys.

Please suggest some dress which are trendy yet are cool and hide my body fur.


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  • Yoga pants and a fitted long sleeve top can be cute….. if you was shorts… leggings and short shorts with a cute blouse or top can be cute and sexy just add some sexy killer heels or a cute pair of trainers. Tight jeans and a cute girlie blouse or even a loose long sleeve top can make you look cute with boots/ heels/trainers. And long sleeve cat suites can be the best thing ever a pair of heels and your set.

    Depending on your skin tone the lighter you are you would be able to bleach the hair turning the hair in to a light blond on light skin can allow it to blend and be unnoticed. What can allow you to wear anything and its painless

    • thanx for your input dear, but I am a guy which I did mention already!

    • oh sh*t well I'm sorry... forget every thing I said... boy you have it easy

      chinos trousers are doing it this summer he cute and go with any top

      straight cut jeans

      and plain top with long sleeves and a short sleeve button up top.

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