Guys-what would you think if the girl you liked did this?

I finally picked up the courage to smile at the guy I like (I know it's only a smile, but it was sooo hard to do) and he smiled back and we kept eye contact. I thought after the first time it would be easier to smile at him. Usually we just stare at each other. Anyway, yesterday I saw him again and I panicked and got too nervous and didn't smile-we just ended up staring at each other again. I feel really pathetic because it is only a smile but I just couldn't do it. So, if you were in his position what would you think? That I didn't like you anymore?

A bit late I know but thanks for all the answers lol :)


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  • I would smile back if I liked her. I'd probably even though out a "Hey" or something. But yeah I'd say he likes you, not to worry.

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    • I just know it's a sh*t answer, you gave him best answer because you all want validation.

      Then when someone comes along and says it might be unjustified you all get bitchy and try to play dirty, you can't handle the truth.

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  • Since you are 18, he doesn't have a clue for another 2-4 years about picking up subtle body language.

    So, if you go and talk to him he'll probably enguage you more often as guys take after the direct approach better then the hints (heard this one before)?

    Since a smile was a big step for you, just ask him about what he thinks about the class. It's easy, safe and a good ice breaker.

  • Oh definitely not lol I would never smile back at a girl I wuz not attracted to becuz I would definitely not want to lead them on. Keeping eye contact would mean at least that I'm interested in her and I'm diggin her style. If she looks really good then I would probably smile and look away out of shyness but if I'm not attracted to you, sry you get nothin lol

  • no, I wouldn't think that you didn't like me anymore.

    "I panicked and got too nervous and didn't smile" it's obvious you're a shy and a bit insecure girl and I think the guy also knows it and therefore he understands it. maybe he's even able to empathize with you. he seems to be shy, too (since he hasn't talked to you yet).

  • if I have no idea who you are then its just being polite...

    if I know you in some way and I'm single then yeah I'm attracted in some way

  • its a step in the right direction at least he knows ur interested in him either as a friend or more

  • How do you know he likes you?

    • Women's intuition lol. seriously, I can just tell-many reasons which are too long and complicated to go in to.

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