Wanting tragus piercing, parents hate piercings quite strong...

So I'm at uni but I still live at home and I come home everyday. I'm 22 and I love piercings and tattoos. I'm planning on/thinking about getting a tattoo on my back, but that's besides the question here, lol.

So I have regular earrings, and a second earring in my left ear. Since half a year I really like tragus piercings but my parents are piercing Haters (yes, with capital, they're that strong, lol).

So I asked my mom what her opinion was about tragus piercings and she started laughing and said "you know we don't like that". She walked away then so apparently that was the end of our conversation about it.

I asked my dad a while later and he started laughing too (why do parents do that?) and he said the same thing as mum. I asked him if he would be mad if I did it and he said: it's not like we're gonna kick you out of the house or something, but you know we don't like it and that he thinks it looks mean.

If this were a spur-of-the-moment thing, I wouldn't do it. But I've been wanting a tragus piercing since the beginning of this year, like half a year already. I have long hair, but that would only be a "safety blanket" for things in my upper ear, which I'm not doing again. My hair doesn't cover my tragus all the time and I don't want it peeping out when I'm home. I have a hair thingy that covers it, so I could wear that when I'm home...

My question to all of you is: if you'd be in my shoes, wanting a tragus piercing for half a year, you still live at home and your parents don't like it but didn't say "no", would you get it or not? And why?


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  • You're 22 if you want to get it done then do it. They don't sound like crazy people who would kick you out for it so what's the worse that could happen: they give you a disappointed face for a week. My mom doesn't like tattoos or piercings but my brother got both done and he didn't spontaneously combust from my parent's disapproval or disappointment. Everyone just moved on with their lives.

    • thanks for BA! How did it go?

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    • hahaha yeah you're a wuss ;). Though I also think it's sweet that you respect your parents opinion so much. I think you should just dial dowwn the anxiety a bit

    • Ah, I'll see, maybe I'll do it before I go to my mastersyear at uni in September, lol

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  • I mean, honestly, I think it would be easier if you just waited until you move out and then get all the piercings and tats you want! :D

    • I know, I was thinking about that but I have one year of uni left and I want to save some money working before I move out, so me moving out won't happen before 2014/2015.

      And ofcourse, my best argument: but I want it noooowww :')

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    • The longer you live your life according to what they want instead of what you want, the more regrets you will have. I speak from experience haha.

    • Yeah, that's what I think too! I'm 22 years old, not 16, a bit too old to be "afraid" of what my parents might say of an extra earring :/ lol

      .. but that doesn't mean I'm not scared of it :') haha