Do you think good looking guys are lazier or less aggressive going after girls?

I am well pas this point in my life now, but I wonder if good looking guys are often a bit lazier or less aggressive about going after girls because they can afford to be and because the girls often pursue them. I am not saying I am very good looking, in fact I consider myself quite average, but I was thinking back to when I was in junior high, high school, and even college and a lot of times I didn't try hard to get a girl I was interested in because a lot of times girls tried to get me. Sure I would flirt and I did ask girls out, but I never tried extra hard to win a particular girl over because I always figured that if this girl isn't that into me there are others who will be. Perhaps I also figured that when it was right it would just click (and it did, thank goodness =).

I did start to be more proactive though as time went on because I decided if I was being picked rather than doing the picking I might not necessarily like who picked me, although I was always gracious and never turned down a girl who asked me--I just wouldn't reciprocate the invitation.

Does this resonate with you at all? Or is it just my particular view of the world?


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  • Yes. I think good looking people in general are less aggressive. I won't use the term "lazy" because it's not really their fault and not a bad thing. People gravitate to good looking people so they don't have to spend as much energy trying to attract people. I once liked this really good looking guy but he wanted me to chase him and I don't do that for any guy.


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  • Sure, looks are what first attract us to other people, so the better looking a guy is, essentially, the less he has to try. However, looks only get you so far, and after that, everyone has to put forth effort.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree that once you are in the relationship you have to put forth effort for sure if you want it to work, but I was thinking more about the dating side of things before you are in a relationship and maybe even getting into a relationship.

      Do you think good looking guys are more likely to be lazier in the pursuit to win a girl over?

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