Do men who are taller than the average woman stand back a bit?

If that makes sense.

I find that I take a step back when talking to men because they're usually taller (I'm average height). One time my lecturer was talking to me and I couldn't step back because there was a table behind me, but after a while he did. We weren't very close.

It just feels awkward sometimes. I guess, sort of intimidating. Do men feel the opposite of this? Like you're overpowering someone or something?


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  • I try not to step on the little people. =P Sorry, someone being smaller then me has no emotional effect on me. I try to look people in the eyes so if we are too close and they are very short that eye contact will be harder to establish, but I don't feel like I'm dominating someone just because I am tall...

    • Lol is it strange being taller than most people? Well... you're used to it, but I wonder what it's like.

      I went to an all girl's school, so I'm not as used to it as most people are, and I find it's a bit intimidating if there isn't enough space between us.

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    • Sort of an unfamiliar territory thing. =) Don't worry, I don't think you are alone on that. The more exposure to men you have and the more experience you gain, the more comfortable you will get with us brutes. =P

    • Haha thanks!

      There is a boy at uni who went to an all-girl's school. He talks to me a lot less than my other friends (I'm the only girl on my course lol) but I don't mind because I can relate to how he feels! He's a lot better now though. I'm flattered because he told my friend I'm the only girl he feels comfortable talking to now.

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  • Im 6'3 and never really thought about it but know that you something I have noticed girls step back to talk to me I think maybe looking up for along time may be uncomfortable and its hard to make I contact. I contact is really important. As far as me having to look down at girls it doesn't bother me at all I'm use to it.

  • I think I do that too. It's uncomfortable to stand right up on someone when you're talking to them and they're a lot shorter. it's easier for me to see and make eye contact without having to bend my neck all the way down if I just step back a bit.


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  • the BJ view. depends on the guy,most guys WILL feel dominant and like it.

  • It's easier to maintain eye contact with some distance between otherwise the guy has to full on look down and the girl has to full on look up. That's straining.

    • Eh I'm use to looking down at people all the time, but yes it is more of an eye contact thing. =)