Increasing chest size, advice?

A few moths ago I began working out with free weights again. I mainly focused on my arms, shoulders, and increasing my strength. I must add that I jog two plus hours a week. I recently included push ups(1000 per week) in my routine, but the problem I'm having is as I'm gaining mass, I'm gaining weight. I would like to stay at my current weight. Is there any way that I can continue increasing my chest size without gaining a significant amount of weight.


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  • No. Because muscle is heavy.

    Unless you want to lose weight (muscle? fat?) from elsewhere.

    You could increase strength without weight, but muscle is heavy.

    • That's what I'm coming to realize. Thanks!

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    • Do do you want a bigger chest or not?

      Note that collars shrink over repeated washings.

    • Of course, I'm not stopping. Thanks.

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  • Yes, do veggies and friut and protein. Not pasta, pizza, hot dogs, soft drinks. Eat lean.


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