People with tattoos, please compare the pain you felt to something more relatable?

Please explain the sensation of getting a tattoo to someone who has never gotten one before. Also please state where on your body the tattoo was, since different areas feel different.


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  • Different tattoo artists have different methods, such as using anesthesia or not.

    For my tricep tattoos, it hurts like hell. The tattoo artist did not use anesthesia and used a type of needle and ink to make the tattoo better and last longer. It felt as if someone stabbed with with the tip of a knife, dragged it and carved out the tattoo. My tricep muscles are fully developed and I've got vein-y arms so yes it hurt a lot and I bleed alot.


    for my scorpion tattoo on the back of my neck. the artist used anesthesia. it took longer than I expected. the pain felt as if someone was pinching my skin.


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  • I have one on my hip. It hurt but nothing horrible. It hurts more to skin your knee if you ask me. It just might last longer since getting a tattoo can take awhile.