Where can I meet some cute single girls?

I want to know where I can meet some cute single girls. I go back to school in like a month. But it seems like every attractive or cool girl always has a boyfriend...Bars never seem like a good idea to me..


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  • I'm finding the same thing with cute guys and with meeting non-frat guys (i'm in a sorority). I would say in class but that hasn't been a great spot for me because I don't really talk in class. You could try coffee shops I know for a fact many girls hang out in coffee shops on my campus. Also try the gym, library, popular eating places. I myself am not a fan of bars I've always been taught that you're not going to meet the love of your life in a bar and I agree with that to an extent (certain cases). Try concerts (before the start scope the place out for cute girls), various department buildings with study places in them. I hope this helped these are just a few ideas.

    • So wouldn't think it was weird if random guy in public asked you out? Frat guys are tools..haha I hate trying to meet girls in class.. because if that doesn't work out then you see that person the rest of the semester... especially if its a small class...

    • Exactly so awkward. No I definitely hate when people say things like that are weird because it all depends on the circumstance and how you approach her. If you see her say in a coffee shop by herself you can just try to catch her eye and give her a smile, if she gives you a smile back and one that's legit not like you know "i'm just being friendly" then go for it. And I agree Frat guys are tools unfortunately lol

    • Yeah I def gauge the situation...

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  • unless you're good looking yourself forget about it

    • Not bad looking.. Definitley have gotten with some good looking girls... Just don't want to be that creeper.

    • Thank you for your response.