Is dying your hair once bad?

I died my hair four times in two years around three years ago. first I did highlights, had them grow out, and died my whole head one color. Then I died it again, because my roots were showing, and lastly I died it once again. Doing this caused my hair to become rough and not as soft as my natural hair, so I stopped dying it.

my hair has grown back to normal. nice thin and soft and I love it but I want a change. I want to do two tone but fear like its going to destroy my hair... will it go back to normal (soft, and smooth?) I have so many friends who hair is so rough from dying it so much.


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  • Your fine that's nothing. Don't do it more then 4 times a year. I do mine about 3 times a year and its not damaged because I pay a lot for it and try to use the best product possible. Just take care of it, only wash it every other day and don't use junk shampoo like Dove on it.