Is straight hair or curly hair more likely to spark an interest in guys?

I don't know whether to wear my hair straight, curly, or with long, loose curls like waves for my friends party. Advice?


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  • Neither. What most certainly will spark an interest in them will be:

    1.) The way you dress

    2.) Your personality

    3.) The way you talk

    However if you're so focused on your hair, I'd say it depends on your face shape. (oval,square,round,circular,long,wide etc)

    Personal opinion : Long wavy hair(not curly,not straight, but waves of it ~~~)


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  • I'd say wavy hair does the job. It gives that messy hair look like you just rolled around in bed. They usually call it the after sex look which looks hot.


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  • Hair doesn't spark interest in a guy because that's not what they're after

    If you look good, you look good. Make sure to style your hair in a way that frames your face and makes you look groomed

    Most guys don't like curly hair, so it's best to stick with straight hair

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