Guys: What is it about "cute?"

Alright, so I've had many people tell me that I am "cute" or "adorable." The way I do things, the way I say things, the way I act, etc. Well, I think I have a difficult time understanding what it is about the cute things that some people do that guys seem to really like.

Okay, so in being myself, sometimes they will smile and tell me that I'm cute, but what is it that goes on in a man's mind? What is it that they feel when a girl does something they think is cute? Why do they feel it? Is it that they find it interesting? Different? Feminine? Funny? Etc.

Tell me how it works :3


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  • Cute is feminine. You might not like it and think it's out-dated, but guys feel protective of girls. A cute girl brings up those feelings of protectiveness, she can make us feel like a man.

    Cute girls attract a lot more romantic interest than hot girls.


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  • cute is quirky with innocence, ie not knowing they are quirky, but do it naturally, gentle and helpful, polite but in ways its quirky, off the cuff stuff, she's small and very nice around people, it could be a number of things, but cute should be taken as a compliment, its often used as flirting, or a description of attractiveness,x

  • Cute is both looks and behavior . I guess mostly behavior but the thing is, calling a girl "cute" is flirting with her and you don't really flirt with girls that you're not attracted to in the first place so the looks kinda have to be there too if that makes sense. A girl being cute is definitely a good thing.

    I agree wholeheartedly with sixstring's answer.

  • They think your nice looking. But more in an innocent non sexual way.

    • Alright. So it's looks? I figured it mainly had to do with behavior and mannerisms :/

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