Oddest thing you're attracted to?

What's the oddest thing that attracts you to your SO or that you look for in a SO? For me, it'd either be the shape of their eyes or extremely pale skin. How bout you guys?


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  • boobs

    • Well no sh*t lol. How about you try something that's lesser known?

    • lol. I like pale skin, not albino white...and I like long hands.. I'm more for big eyes... and I think moles are the cutest thing when it's on the cheek... does this answer satisfy you miss?

    • Yes, yes it does.

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  • Girls that wear dresses and skirts a lot.


What Girls Said 1

  • i mean I don't look for it but when I see a good looking guy smoking, that really attracts me to them. o and if they have perfect teeth and nice nails... ugh I'm so weird lmao

    • Attracted to smoking? To each their own, I guess lol

    • Smoking and perfect teeth don't go together.

    • actually I am a social smoker and I have the most perfect teeth you will ever see. and the whitest