Why are dress sizes getting bigger?

I couple of years ago I wore shirts in small or size 2/4. I tried to buy some stuff at H&M, I put on extra small and they were all way too big. I actually still have a few dresses and shirts I bought there a few years ago and they're all in small and they fit well some are even a bit too tight.

What happened there?

It's the same of Hollister and A&F, I used wear small there too and now I need extra small. And it's not that I lost weight the old clothes I bought there still fit me

Why is this happening. And I feel sorry for people who actually need to wear extra small because it won't fit them and usually there nothing smaller


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  • Its been happening for decades.

    I notice Gap now has, for women, a size '00' for jeans, which is smaller then 0.

    And women scream about this horrible new 'size 0' trend and anorexic models.

    Today's size 0 would have been size 4-6 in my mothers day. And considered normal.

    • no I don't think so. I can't tell you much about other stores, but I work at A&F and their size 0 jeans are supposed to fit a hip of 30 - 33 inch. I guess that would stil lbe OK, although it is very skinny but they also have 00 and 000 and that's way too small and it was never considered normal unless the country was starving and even then it wasn't considered attractive

    • Its (currently) a more youthful brand. Give it 15 years.

      Just checked, a Gap 00 is a 35 1/4" hip. Which is pretty skinny, but not OMG skinny.

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  • Because girls have twisted body image issues, and will do anything to fit into a size whatever dress... the image and the idea is what sell to women, not the function. Men sizes are recorded in actual inches rather then sizes.

  • People get bigger and the stores don't want to make them feel bad. So they let the fat people believe they are not as fat as they are.

    • but shouldn't they at least keep the small sizes. If you wore extra small a few years ago there is nothing your size that you can buy now

    • Find an Asian clothing store marketed at teens, they always sell tiny stuff.

      The fact is most people are big/fat. So that's who the mainstream stores will sell to. If they remove the small sizes it could make all the fat people feel more comfortable and buy more.

    • ya I tried an Asian clothing store a couple of months ago, but I'm not small enough to fit into their clothes. And the clothes are kinda different from the stuff you can buy at H&M, A&F, American Eagle ... and I like that stuff

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  • my sister is always asking me the same thing.

    and this is always what I answer to her - It's because people are getting fatter. this way a woman can wear a size 2 (and be happy for being so thin) but in fact she is fat and should be wearing a size 6-8 (but now that's the new 2).

  • Oh, this happened to me last week. I usually wear a small, but for some reason the dress I tried on was too big for me, so the shop assistant suggested I try on a XS. I've never been an XS (I'm not slim enough, and my boobs get in the way) so I got all worried and practically ran home, just to weigh myself, haha. I think it's because of the larger people out there :T

  • Because the people are getting bigger. :x They're doing it for the majority.

    • but what about the small people? people who are smaller than me can barley buy anything anymore. And I'm not that tiny

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    • rts because they are basically the only type that flatter my body shape... and those get boring. -_- At least they fit though...

      So yeah, where do I shop? I don't... I haven't shopped for years for this reason and I am always on the look out for things that will fit me. lol.

    • And because you're not from my area, a size 8 is the normal slim size (basically considered small) and the size below it, 6, is really small and not many people would fit this and it's not an ideal size unless you're talking about a dress, size 6 in a dress is the "perfect" size here, which is also a XS in dresses.