Do uglier or average looking people tend to be funny?

This has been bothering me a lot lately- people easily smile or laugh at something I say.

For example, I gave a brief presentation in front of my college class today introducing myself. I made some trivial remark, and the whole class just started laughing. I didn't make an obvious joke or anything of that sort, but people seemed to "laugh" at me a lot, I was kind of flustered. I said "I don't really know what to say" at the beginning and then everybody just started laughing...

Are people more likely to laugh at or chuckle at ugly or average looking people? Are they funnier in general?


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  • Chill. Take it as a's not a bad thing (:


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  • It has more to do with how you we're raised, ie. if you had funny/Lively/outrageous family and friends.

    If you look at it, most comic's come from an Irish Italian Jewish Scottish African Spanish or English background, which all tend to be quite lively and outrageous. You generally don't see a lot of German Russian Muslim or Asian comic's, do you? (I'm not saying there isn't any)

    They probably laughed because of how you said it. Two people can say the same joke and person A.Could get no laugh's; while person B. could have the whole room in stitches...

    Either way its a good thing for you, now your class thinks your funny.

  • Well everyone I meet tells me I'm funny as hell and I'm definitely not ugly but I don't think it has much to do with looks... if not any.


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  • Being funny has nothing to do with looks.

    Maybe you have a fun personality

    • These people barely know me...or people that I've just met