Question for girls who wear Nike Shox?

Would a guy being really into heavy metal music and playing guitar in a metal band be a big turn off for you?

I am a total metalhead but I'm really attracted to sporty/preppy girls. I really love it when girls wear Nike Shox! So I want to know from girls like this: Would you be totally turned off by a metalhead guy? Should I totally ditch the metalhead life?

I'm not looking for those "there is someone out there for everyone" kind of answers. I want to know what you personally think. Its OK to be brutally honest.

I'd really like a few girls opinion on this please!


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What Girls Said 1

  • I doubt she likes those kinda guys.


What Guys Said 1

  • I also love nike shox for gals, can't get enough of the sporty style too... While it be hard to picture a sporty girl going out with a metalhead, it's not impossible. There are eclectic gals who wouldn't mind the fact you being into heavy metal, and may actually partake in that kind of stuff.

    You may also want to consider changing up your wardrobe a bit. Sporty girls may expect a guy to dress in a particular way too. Even if you don't like to wear athletic apparel yourself, you could change up your style a little bit. It's all about give and take. Being open-minded is the best way to address differences. That doesn't mean change, but rather be flexible.