What can a person do to go from average to above average?

Hmm, someone mentioned something in a previous question and I do agree that people should constantly strive to be their best.

FACE wise, what can a person do to go from average to even slightly above average? GENERAL tips or maybe tips you personally use

And don't ask me what I look like. 1) No, the pic of James Dean isn't me obviously, 2) NO, the pic of Lunette from the Big Comfy Couch isn't me either! and 3) If you've seen me, you've seen me and you're probably in a better position to give me tips personally but if you haven't, I look like noneofyourbusiness


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  • As a woman?

    Take decent care of your skin, hair will impact how face looks, glasses if you have them, go for 'good' over 'funky' - funky is how people who are afraid they'll fail to look good try to avoid feeling like they failed ... appropriate well done makeup, relaxed, open and friendly face.

    A smile makes a big difference.

    Something I suck at, in photos at least, hah. I laugh a lot in real life, hopefully that helps.

    Oh, don't smoke. Don't tan. Long term, makes a big difference.

  • Not really sure, it is what is not much you can change with your face. Have an excellent positive personality because that will make you seem more attractive! Also people do have different taste in facial features so what one may not find attractive another may find it attractive. But really personality is what makes people attractive in the relationship world. I'd pick the average girl with the better personality then the more attractive girl with a personality that just doesn't fit me with no hesitation, if I had that option.

    • Mmm, looks>personality

      We don't notice personality first and if the person isn't that attractive to begin with we aren't going to approach them or give them the time of day

    • Think positive!

  • I think face wise I'm not that great looking. My nose is small and I have acne. I try to make up for that by working out. I enjoy lifting weights and running. My pics are kind of old and I've gotten leaner by incorporating sprints in my running.

    I also try new hair styles that fit my face well. Try something bold. Don't be afraid to stand out and be different.

  • lol... anyways I say always get a good nights rest. pick a hair style that fits you and that's somewhat normal.and shave:)


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  • First there's nothing wrong with being average and second you should do things to look

    good to make yourself happy, not other people. Thrid, I have to stress again that inner

    beauty is important! Without it, what do you have? But, that's just my opinion.

    P.S. And I keep answering your question, because you remind of myself. Kind of, so

    just want to help you!

  • Personally, I think the way hair, eyebrows and make up are managed can change the whole face.

    In my opinion you should understand what's your face shape and act consequently.

    If you have a long chin, you're not going to accentuate that with long bangs, obviously, but you are going to try and drive attention to the eyes with make up, for example.