What is attractive to you? (With pictures)

Below are faces of 5 different men and women. There are also of 5 different shades. Each person has various features that may be considered both attractive and unattractive.

Pictures of men

A.) link

B.) link

C.) link

D.) link

E.) link

Pictures of women

A.) link

B.) link

C.) link

D.) link

E.) link

Please answer the following:

1.) In each picture, what did your eyes notice first?

2.) What is the most and least attractive feature on each person - please be specific (ex. eyes, hair texture, skin color, etc)

3.) Can you rank in order from most to least attractive? (ex. A,B,C..etc)

*There is no way possible to make a completely level playing field.*


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  • 1:

    A: lips/eyes

    B: smile

    C:houlder, then eyes.

    D" eyebrows, actually

    E nose. its the angle. Not the most flattering picture of her.


    a: eyes best, worst, seriously ... still looking ... uh ...

    B: smile. everything looks good. no 'worst'

    c like her cheekbones. more body then others in photo - I like her petite body. worst" nose? its fine, but maybe theoretically big? its not a bad nose at all though.

    d kind of a mischeivous look, its hot. worst? uh ... hair eyebrow contrast. I'd prefer her natural color I think. well I always prefer brunettes, hah.

    e we all know her best feature isn't in the photo. neither is her second best - she has a good smile, not shown here. worst is the streaked hair.

    Based on these photos alone, I'd choose B, A, C, D, E. But with just a different picture of ms. lopez, she'd jump to 2nd or 3rd. maybe?

    And different women of those nationalities, fully different sort order. I've got a brunette bias, but not a skin tone one.


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  • I am assuming you are supposed to do this based off of the gender you are interested in, so these answers are for the females.

    1. a) Her eyes, the color and shape. Also he nose and how smooth it looks.

    b) Her cheeks. They surely do pop out.

    c) Her pose and how her hair flows down. Nice smile.

    d) Her eyes and eyebrows. She seems to stare a hole right through you.

    e) Her mouth, how it is open just slightly.

    2. a) Most: Her big eyes, very nice.

    Least: I don't really like that hair color much, and it looks a little...dry?

    b) Most: Her big bright smile!

    Least: Her shiny skin and/or her menacing eyebrows.

    c) Most: Her cute smile and her "tiny"-like pose.

    Least: TBH, there isn't much I don't like about this one.

    d) Most: Eyes and mouth combination, that look is very mysterious. Also, nice hair color.

    Least: Red shirt. I do not like red shirts very much =P

    e) Most: Her lips and mouth definitely. Eyes come in a close second.

    Least: Hair. It either needs a little bit more wavyness, or needs to be a little more straight.

    3. C, D, E, A, B

    • Thank you.

      Is it safe to assume, based on your answers, you're more attracted to fairer skinned women than tanned women?

    • I have given no thought to it before really. The level of "tan-ness" doesn't effect my overall attraction to the woman a great deal. My last girlfriend was as pale as a ghost, but I still found her beautiful. But I suppose you are onto something. Most of my female friends that I am attracted to are more fair than tan.

  • 1.) All of them, but Olivia Wilde's (D) definitely stuck out the most.

    2.) A - She's pretty, liked the lips most. To pick a least attr. would be nitpicking.

    B - Least liked eyebrows, most liked her smile.

    C - Nothing stood out, she's average.

    D - She's beautiful, love her eyes.

    E - Too tan, like her eye color.

    3.) D, E, A, B, C

    In conclusion, Olivia Wilde is hot.

    • Haha Thanks

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    • Definitely link

      I think that J. Lo pic was unflattering, she looks better than that.

      You could have used Amber Heard for a blond, another beautiful girl.

    • Oh man, that's a great pic of Olivia. I agree Amber Heard is an extremely hot blond. I think that J. Lo looked great in that pic. She can definitely fix herself up to look better, though. link

  • 1. My eyes noticed the ladies eyes first.

    2.I can't think of any non-attractive features on any of those girls.

    3. E, B, A, D, C.

  • A)i noticed her eyes first. there's nothing not attractive I just don't like her lol

    B) I noticed her eye brows first. I don't care for her eyebrows or smile

    C) her eyes I noticed first. I just don't find her attractive

    D)i noticed her eyes and eye brows first.

    E)i noticed her eyes and eyelashes first. I like her eyes the most

    i think E was the best then D, C, A, B

    • About "A". Can you kind of describe or pin point what turns you off about "A"? Is it her hair? Skin? Face shape?

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    • She's good looking, just not your type...right?

    • yeah pretty much

  • 1A.Her nose

    1B.Her jaw

    1C.Her hair

    1D. Her nose

    1E. Her eyes

    2A. Most: eyes Least: head size

    2B. Most: Cheeks Least: eyebrows

    2C. Most: arms Least: eyes

    2D. Most: eyes Least: nose

    2E. Most: hair Least: nose

    3. D,B,C,A,B

  • 1. nose and jaw lines and eyes

    2.nose and jawline



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  • 1A.His eyes

    1B.His smile

    1C.His teeth

    1D. His eyes

    1E. His eyebrows

    2A. Most: jawline Least: teeth

    2B. Most: Cheeks/smile Least: forehead space

    2C. Most: dimples Least: kinda off smile

    2D. Most: hair Least: nose/lips/facial hair

    2E. Most: facial structure Least: hair eyebrows

    3) a,b,c,e,d

  • 1. Eyes

    2. Eyes some have an attracted eyes some are don't.

    3. Most to Least A, C, D, E, B

  • Men

    A. 5 1)Eyes 2)Eyes

    B. 9 1)Eyes 2)Eyes and Smile

    C. 8 1)Dimples 2)Dimples and Lips

    D. 5 1) Hair 2)Hair and Skin

    E. 7 1)Eyebrows 2)Eyebrows and Skin


    A. 10 1) Eyes 2)Everything

    B. 6 1)Nose and Hair 2) Skin and Lips

    C. 8 1)Hair 2)Eyebrows, Nose, and Lips

    D. 6 1)Eyes 2)Eyes

    E. 8 1)Skin 2) Face shape and Skin

    Rank goes by how I rated them (5's Being the least attractive and 10 being the most attractive)

  • Guy a. He's OK looking. Not bad but overrated I don't find him hawt or sexxxi. I noticed his green piercing eyes first but I dislike his thin lips

    Guy b. Niiice. I like his smile a lot. I guess his eyes would be the only "minor" flaw, they are a little too almond shaped for my taste, I like almond shaped eyes but not that small

    Guy c. He's cute but I don't find him sexually attractive. His best feature is his cheekbones and teeth and dimples. Worst...well I can't find anything really "wrong" with him he just doesn't make the panties wet.

    Guy d. I don't thin he's cute. It's like he's almost cute but there is some flaw there that ruins it. He does have nice cheekbones but I'm unattracted to how his eyes look, he has a meanness to his face, and his face in general.

    Guy e. I don't usually think Asian guys are hot but he is attractive. I guess his hair cut is a flaw lol. Nice eyes and bone structure

  • i like the last two links of men!