When a guy calls you cute?

What causes a girl to be cute? Does she have to look a certain way or have certain personality traits?

For example: I was texting my crush the other day and he ended up randomly sending me a picture of himself (not a naked one! Haha). Well he asked me, "where's my pic at :p?" And I told him that I was too lazy and that I'd send him one the next day. So I sent him one last night and he responded with an, "aww :)" and so I said, "What?" And then he was like, "It's cute:) so what you doing?

So what makes a girl "cute" instead of hot or pretty?


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  • Personally, I don't like to call girls I like "hot" or "sexy."

    If its a random girl walking down the street and a friend and I notice her, I might think she's "hot."

    But if its a girl I know, like, and respect, I'd consider her gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, cute, etc. I kinda believe hot and sexy are sexual overtones that are somewhat disrespectful, especially when you're starting out a "potential" relationship. I've found that most girls prefer to be called beautiful and such.

    Thats the way I see it anyway.

  • Take it as a compliment, I agree with jeremy20, hot girls are just random good looking girls a guy sees on the street or doesn't care much for past her physical appearance.

    Where as a cute girl, at least for me, is attractive more than just physically but through her personality as well. It's just a subtle way of saying your attractive, a few steps before beautiful, which he probably doesn't feel close enough with you to say.

    Cute can also mean adorable like a little kitten or something, which some might associate with shy people.

    I'm sure he means the first one though or it could be a combination of both.


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