I want to get bigger (muscle-wise obviously). What should I eat for lunch (that's convenient to make/buy too)?

I've got the working out part covered. I need some help sorting out my diet though.

I've started to eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of cereal, and I've started eating fruit and cottage cheese and stuff like that for snacks, and my dinners are adequate I think. But lunches have me a bit stumped. Is a sandwich okay (e.g. whole wheat bread, turkey slices, spinach, mustard, pickle, cheese)?

I will admit, I'm also kind of lazy when it comes to making food and stuff. My mom cooks dinners for us, and oatmeal's not too difficult to make at all. So I prefer stuff that's relatively simple to make (and my parents also prefer stuff that's easy to buy (i.e. found in supermarkets, not overly expensive).

Any suggestions? Or is a sandwich okay (with other snacks between meals)?

  • The sandwich you described is fine (whole wheat bread, turkey, cheese, spinach, pickle, mustard/ketchup)
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  • You should probably go for different options from the sandwich you described (please provide some suggestions!)
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  • Hard to beat turkey on whole wheat for lean protein and complex carbs. I'd take that sandwich over a protein shake any day. Fruit and veggies are also great to have with a meal or even as a snack between meals. Also, If you get tired of turkey and don't mind a little cooking I highly recommend salmon.


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  • id look into intermittent fasting but that's just me (:. But, what you eat sounds alright too.

    • Haha I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to gain weight...

    • yeahhh and guys that do it gain muscle... that's why I said look it up...

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  • Depends on whether you have access to a fridge to keep your lunch in or not, and a microwave to heat it up in. Knowing this is crucial to making any suggestions.

    • Yep, got a fridge and a microwave.

    • best thing you can do then is this:

      buy yourself some tupperware type containers with sectioned off compartments. take brown rice, season it with seasonings of your choice and add some sort of oil (olive or coconut for health reasons) or sauce for flavoring and to make sure it doesn't harden in the fridge. boneless skinless chicken breasts, grilled or baked. green veggies of some sort on the side. bring a flatbread wrap so that if you don't want to eat it with a fork and knife you can make

    • a burrito style wrap from it

  • Here's some hearty, but cheap and easy options.

    -Rice(but buy a rice-cooker. It'll pay for it self in the time, effort, and pot-scrubbing you save)

    -Beef ribs


    -Pork Shoulder

    -Green Beans


    -Six star whey protein (sold at Wal-Mart)

    -Cranberry Juice

    -Smoked Turkey

    If you buy everything in large portions, it's cheap.

  • Little babies with gravy

  • The sandwich sounds just great, but I would suggest adding some protein to your breakfast. It's important to have protein in every meal of the day (in 6-7 portions a day), because the body needs protein 24/7 when your working out.

    Some people add a couple eggs into oatmeal, but I don't know if that sounds a bit odd to you. Oh and a tall glass of milk of course.

    • Alright, I'll add in the milk for breakfast and maybe eggs too, thanks :)

  • meat and potatoes my friend

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