Does my boyfriend find my scars unattractive?

When I was younger I got into a really bad accident. Had to have a few emergency surgeries because of it. Therefore I have some big scars on my stomach. We've been together for over a year. But after he saw my scars ( a while ago) he never removes my shirt. Even when we have sex, I'm still wearing a tank top or a fitted tshirt. When he saw them he didn't act like it bugged him. He just asked what happen, I told him and that was that (back then we weren't having sex yet).

Does he find my scars repulsive?


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  • They are not repulsive, but they are distracting. Examining the woman's body and seeing the scars reminds him of the story you told him about the car accident. He could be visualizing how the accident went down, how the skin was torn, how the impact went. He may even imagine the medical personnel, the sirens, and the urgency of the situation rushing you to emergency surgery...

    These kinds of imaginations in a man's head at the same time he is trying to perform are going to be very distracting and harm the performance.

    The T-shirt helps him concentrate. He may even be able to get to a place someday where he can even have the scars out, but he has to get used to them. If he isn't used to them, they will be distracting.


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  • There's a good chance.

    • i just don't understand why is he still dating me if he's repulsed? and why would he continue to further the intimacy creating a sexual relationship. sex for men is based off attraction right? (he's my first boyfriend and 1st guy I ever slept with so all of this is new to me)

    • If he does find the scars offputting but is still around, isn't that possibly a sign he likes you?

      He may have a hard time adjusting to the scars, but still likes you enough to want to stay around.

  • I highly doubt it.. If he found you repulsive I doubt he would be with you to begin with.


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  • I don't think it's because he's repulsed by it.

    I think that it's because when he sees them, he thinks of the pain you've been through and the accident.

    If it really bothers you, then I think you should ask him.

    - Good luck :)