Too ugly looking for friends, what to do?

i am sad and pathetic person very sad .

i am too ugly looking to make males notice me if nay thing look at me like hideous old hag worth of bin and love they look at me with empty black soulless eyes hard and cold some thing eveil from depth of hell men have no heart for me and no conscience at all ,its seem I am over the hill and not good enough for any one most guys my age taken and married not only that I am that I am good enough looking to notice and also I have very slim pickings.younger guys are no go I have learned that lesson the hard way .

Facebook is joke unless you in 20s and look like model for any right mind guy to added me. its not fair really

what to do .when you all alone not wanted being female of my age with little no choice very bad stigma stuck with males think of

fat old grey hair biologic clock ticking desperation etc .

thats shallow stigma has left me single unwanted left sad alone consider there is so many stunning looking younger girls today

males are too shallow way too shallow has left in tears of sadness and very lonely

all I get here is shallow answers that not suited to me .what I need

:( :( :( :(:( :( :( :(:( :(:( :( :( :(:( :( :( :(:( :(:( :( :( :(:( :( :( :(:( :(:( :( :( :(:( :( :( :(:( :(

i can not make some guy like I can find one nay where all I get is dismissed ignored most guys are taken I can not attract they type of guy I like and 99.9% rejected I am very good at been rejected

the guys I like always like some one else never me it makes me sad.what ar suppose to do really what am I suppose to do .i am hoping I will find some some how that unlikely no one has ever like me I mean never like me never ever liked me


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  • Its your attitude that they don't like. It's not a stigma that older women are fat and old and desperate. It says you're 30-35 so you definitely are not at that age yet. It's seriously not an age thing. There are plenty of single 30 year olds now because people are getting married later and later due to the societal changes in society and the increase of women in the working world. The fact that you SAY you're a sad and pathetic person is going to make people think that you are, and not want to have anything to do with you. People don't like negativity and you're just all over the place with it. You have no idea that they're looking at you with empty eyes like you're something from hell. It's all in your mind. And not EVERYONE is going to find you attractive. Sure there are people who will not like you, but there are probably those who do too. You just don't see it because all you focus on is negative stuff. That's bad. There are also a lot of guys who would date an older woman, you're cutting off a whole demographic due to whatever personal insecurities you have. Facebook is not a place for people to add randoms that they don't know. Facebook is a social networking site to connect with people you already know. If you're looking for people try a DATING WEBSITE.

    • i know one guy he treats Facebook like dating website he has worked successful for him

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    • i am complaning things are complex looking then what I am writting

    • honestly I just think you have extremely low self esteem. Maybe I'm wrong and there really is some sort of extenuating circumstance that has caused you to become this way, but all I'm saying is try an attitude adjustment first.

  • Why do you think you're ugly? You're appearance is something you can change. Yes you are born with your looks, but you can always wear products that flatter you, slim down, do a bunch of things that can make you more attractive.

    • becasue I have never had boyfriend guys are not interested in me .i was never told I was nice looking . that's how I know years and years of expercne of rejection tells me so

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