Girls what do you think of guys in speedos?

I was at the beach all day today surfing. Why is it that there are so many guys in speedos? Do girls actually like those things? I've never wore a pair before I only wear board shorts. Do you like them and would you go to the beach if your man was wearing a pair.


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  • My opinion on speedos is the following: They can only be rocked by guys with big packages...and even then, they are QUITE attention grabbing.

    I personally feel like they are beach attire for older men [hairy men, mind you] but that is a stereotype. I would defiantly laugh if the guy/guys I was with at the beach wore them, and ask them nicely, while laughing, to take them off. Board shorts, IN MY OPINION, are better then speedos.

    My respect goes out to the men who are not afraid to rock the speedo :D


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  • I'm thinkin that the only thing I like seeing better than guys in speedo's, is plumbers bent down under my sink with about three inches of sweaty, stained butt crack gaping from their soiled britches.