Do you think our sense of beauty is distorted?

I just saw this link and I thought it was interesting how media distorts everything

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  • Yes most people's idea of beauty is distorted except mine
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  • No most people don't get fooled by things like these
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  • Ya totally! I actually I find it really interesting that the media actually distorts girls faces and the distorted version is what is considered beautiful... The video you posted actually reminded me of a video I saw a while ago:

    I think the one you posted is based off this one. :)

    • yeah it is based off that, I saw that one a long time ago but when I saw it yesterday she looked really fake. I really hope people don't consider that attractive cause its not even possible to look like that

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    • Ya totally! These models and celebrities get like 500 chances to get the perfect shot and even if they can't get it they just have someone edit it for them... And then people see these pictures and just assume that's how they are

    • oh awesome! thanks for the best answer :)

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  • I don't think my sense of beauty is distorted, I mean don't get me wrong, I like seeing attractive

    people. Everybody likes to see people that are pleasing to the eyes, however beauty only

    takes you so far. As I've said before, I believe true beauty comes from within and the more

    beautiful one is on the inside, that beauty will reflect on the outside. Just my personal opinion.

    I'd also like to state for the record, that I don't put makeup on to change my entire appearence

    and to get attention from the opposite gender. I do it for me, because it makes me happy and

    to be honest with or without makeup I don't really look that different. Except that with it my whole

    face brightens up and stuff. Other then that, I'm still me. Does that make sense.

    P.S. that girl in the video looked good as is and she has a nice smile, that alone would make her

    attractive to people, you know? You shouldn't do something because you think you have to, it

    should be because you want, for you and not other people! Sorry if none of this makes sense! : (

    • well some people are insecure, by putting make up on and people telling him/her they look attractive they become happy or at least makes them feel better. That is a big problem in the modern world, people aren't happy at the way they look because of what media has put up

    • I get what your saying, I believe the medis does mess with your mind on what is consider beautiful and what's not, but I think everybodies interption of beauty is different, you know what I mean?

      By the way this is a great question, there's more question on here about making yourself attractive or thin, but never any about just being yourself, good for you keep it up! : ) I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks people should be themselves!

    • thanks, feel free to add some more stars on top :D

      i think people should be themselves but I think they should also take care of their bodies. You don't have to look like those models but don't become unhealthy by eating crappy food either

  • Ya absolutely. I think most know that pictures we see in magazines are Photoshopped and yet we still get fooled by it. When I look at some magazine I constantly find myself thinking "gosh I wish I had that body/face" even though I know it's not real. And I'm sure even though many guys know that it's not real I get they still wishing to be with a woman like that.

    The girl in the picture looked nothing like herself in the end, her whole face structure changed.

    I also often find amazing some people (and it's mostly men) keep claiming megan fox and jenna dewan are natural beauties. If you find them attractive OK, but you also have to realize that they are wearing tons of make up and have been through several plastic surgeries to look that way. link This shows megan fox without exessive make up and prior to her major surgeries. She's not ugly by all means but she's also not as picture perfect as this link

    • wow cool I didn't know megan fox looked like that before. it kinda sucks how we easily we are fooled into thinking we could look like that even though its practically impossible

  • Yes but I wonder how that came to be

    • media and fashion trends

  • Yes esp in the U.S.

  • Yes blond hair blue eyes is not all that

    • i don't know about that

      blue eyes is pretty attractive

      green is my fav though

    • Green is way better than blue

  • well they totally changed the way she looks. I mean why would they even bother with all that makeup when they just edited it out!

    But yes the media make us all feel ugly because we compare ourselves to celebrities and its not real..

    • i think it makes them look shinier with the make up

  • Yes. It has. Its done a lot of bad things. We have become numb to death and killings. When I see it on the news its like "damn, so sadd, or that's crazy" and in the next few days its like it never happened because I'm so used to seeing it.

    As far as beauty I don't know what it is but I liked people everyone else didn't like. I found myself going for the unsual people if I was attracted to someone. When I was in high school I liked this guy who was completely opposite of me. His life got turned upside down but he was a beautiful person and he was very attractive to me. He was really skinny and I wouldn't say white trash because that wasn't him in any sense but after his life took a major turning point he shut down and would be disheveled He liked me back it turns out but he shut everyone out of his life. I was always individualistic about myself and evertything that I done so maybe that's why I turned out to to be that way. If people were more individualistic about themselves maybe that would change too. Just a thought.


What Guys Said 6

  • Distorted compared to what? Our genes tell us what we are suppose to find beautiful and we have reason to find those traits beautiful. The beautiful people tend to be the healthiest, and therefore are more likely to have the healthiest offspring. The traits most of us desire all have a health reason attached to them.

    Today people have learned how to fake their beauty with makeup and such. Long ago women wore girdles, now we use digital technology to do the same thing. One day science will evolve to the point to where everyone truly can be one of the beautiful people. Then we are going to have to start *gasp* developing personalities.

    • I like this answer...

    • blah developing personalities...

      you sicken me j/k

      personality does make people beautiful

  • Sense of beauty no, it's everyone's own business what they find attractive. But the media does manipulate all the pictures they have. It's almost impossible to find a modelled picture that hasn't been photoshopped. It's a business standard these days.

  • Yeah I think so. Even mine is, based on the fact that makeup can really make a person more attractive in my eyes (if used correctly - otherwise, it makes them SO much less attractive). But then again, that doesn't mean a girl can't be attractive without makeup. In fact, I know someone who looks better without it than with it.

    Meanwhile, I am still completely boggled as to how some of my very own friends find people like Nicki Minaj attractive... I felt sick after watching one of her music videos D:

    • i seen girls look like clowns, plastic dolls to just absolutely stunning so you are right about make up. Nicki Minaj is not attractive at all, her body isn't even close to being proportional

  • Our perception of beauty has been spooned fed to us since the beginning of time and descending down through the centuries. French Renaissance, Revolution, Creation of the Americas.

  • Not sense of beauty...expectations.

    People who watch more romance expect more/higher levels of it.

    People who watch more action expect more/higher levels of it.

    And so on.

    • agreed because we get used to it so we need something bigger

  • My "sense of beauty" is just fine... lol