Can tattoos get nasty?

If you don't like tattoos then get out of here and go to the next question, this is for people that have had experience or know for a fact about something! Tired of people with rude comments...

ANYWAYS I BEEN TRYING to FIND OUT... If you were to get a tattoo when you've been fat/obese, has it changed dramatically when you lost weight? Like did the color change, the shape...Etc?

I personally want a tattoo, can't say I'm fat or chunk... I'm thick but I want something maybe on my arm or back and its kind blaahh nasty fat and I'm wondering it would become different if I became totally skinny.


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  • Yes, you'll need to get them touched up every few years...

    p.s. Girls with tattoo's is a massive turn off for me. (Unless its nice)

  • off course it happens if your skin stretches.


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