Which of these products is the best to use for lightening stretch marks?

I've heard/read that all of these products have been effective to some degree, but I'm not sure if one or two of them are better. I don't know which one is the best to try first so I don't have to spend all my money in one place.

What are your personal experiences or what have you heard from others?

Bio Oil, Black and White, Ambi, Mama Mio, or Revitol.

  • Bio Oil
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  • Black and White
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  • Ambi
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  • Mama Mio/Revitol
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  • Other (please specify).
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  • From personal experience: time and the occasional cocoa butter.


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  • A while back I used some strong anabolic substances and put on a bit over 30 pounds in two months. I had stretch marks running from my chest down my biceps down my back and all the way down my legs. Not light ones either. They were a deep deep red/purple and actually bled from being stretched so much so quickly.

    I never used any of those products, I did use vitamin oil. Just use that stuff liberally a few times a day. Stretch marks went completely away.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! And congrats on finding something that worked for you!

What Girls Said 2

  • I heard a lot of good reviews on Bio Oil, but I've never used it myself...

    But uhm try it and if you don't like it I think there is a money back guarantee!

  • I use both cocoa butter body moisturiser *high in vitamin E* and Bio oil, using both products over time they fade to almost unnoticable ( or maybe others can't see them but because I know they are/were there I feel others can see them still )

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