Flawless But natural makeup help?:)

Hi:) I'm wondering what order should I apply my makeup to get a flawless look.:


Liquid foundation


Bb cream-most likely won't use if I wear foundation


Tru blend powder

Translucent finishing powder from NYC.

Also can you use the same concelar for under your eyes and blemishes thx:)!


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  • It goes:

    1) Moisturizer(on clean face, obviously--well, hopefully)

    2) Primer

    3) Liquid Foundation/BB Cream

    4) Concealer(although, some people prefer to use it before the liquid foundation)

    5) Tru Blend Powder

    6) Translucent finishing powder. The one you named is awesome! I loved it when I had oily skin

    Yes, you can use the same concealer for your under eye circles and blemishes. If you have any redness, you may want to use a green stick to cancel out the red. Maybelline has a green stick and it's pretty cheap. It's like this, although maybe updated or different link



    I'm not sure what tools you use, but many people find stippling works better than just using your fingers or a sponge.

    These foundation tutorials might help you:


    If you aren't familiar with stippling:


    • I actually have a stippling brush that I use for my foundation which I'm in love with!:) lol

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    • yeah

      I used to do that

    • Mkay:)! And thx for answering and commenting!

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  • Well I mean blush...although my wife does wear that on special occasions sometimes but I also mean concealer and especially foundation and most hated of all: bronzer...I am fine with almost any eye makeup...if not applied with a trowel..and lipstick as well...females really do not understand how much guys like female skin.../:/:/:

  • And that is "natural"?...O.O.. gawd I am glad my wife doesn't use all that sh*t../:

    • It's not like I cake it on though lol

    • I will unbend so far as to admit that I know of females on this site who are very good at applying it...but I just personally hate all of that cheek stuff.../:

    • Lol you mean blush? I personally don't like the way it looks on me so I don't use it

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  • i would say just go and get revlon colorstay for your skin type, and use that as foundation and concealer. the coverage is enough, and it won't look cakey with lots of layers. I don't think you need all that other stuff, but if you really want: moisturize, then prime, then foundation then concealer, then powder.

    • I have revlon photoready can I do the same

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    • mine is oily. I bet photoready works better on dry skin.

    • Yea I love it!:) thx for answering and commenting!

  • What I personally do is:

    - Wash my face and use any skin products/treatments/moisturizers.

    - Primer

    - I always do my eye makeup first, so that if I get any eye shadow under my eyes, I don't smudge my face makeup trying to wipe it off.

    - If I use liquid foundation, I apply the foundation first then use the concealer on anything the foundation doesn't cover. You can apply the concealer first if you want. I just do it this way because it covers really well, but still looks very natural, and you can kind of tell exactly how much concealer you need so you don't over-do it. If I use a powder foundation, I always use concealer first. As long as it covers well and you like the results, you can use the same concealer for under your eyes and your face.

    - If I'm using a liquid foundation, I usually just use a powder to set it. (You can either use a translucent finishing powder, or if you want more coverage, you could use a powder foundation. Whatever you like best.) If I was using a powder foundation, then I wouldn't use anything else.

    I hope that was at least somewhat helpful.

    • Very much thx!:) also are powders that say powders and ones that say powder foundation different or the same. Sorry if it's confusing?

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    • Mkay:)! And thx for answering and commenting!

  • 1) moisturizer

    2) liquid foundation

    3) concealer

    4) tru blend powder

    5) finishing powder.

    then, goes on my eyebrow liner, mascara, and bronzer.

    i don't really use a Bb cream, nor a primer. my makeup routine is pretty simple, especially for school. the more makeup you use, the messier your face looks, and I advise you to stay away from eyeliner if you're going for a natural daytime look.

    i use a separate concealer for under eye dark circles-Maybelline Instant Age Rewind for Undereye, I like the sponge applicator.

    • Thx! And yea I need to start leaning away from my eyeliner. I don't use a lot but I do a small cat eye like everyday which I wanna stop doing but when you keep doing it then stop I feel my eye looks weird lol

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    • Oh OK that makes sense lol wow I'm dumb thx for answering and commenting love!:)

  • If it says powder and nothing else, then it's probably going to have a light coverage. You could use it as a setting powder for extra coverage, or you could use it to even out your skin tone/cover up redness. They generally don't have enough coverage to cover up breakouts, though.

    Powder foundations come in different levels of coverage, depending on what you need. They're usually best for oily skin because they kind of absorb the oils.

    Finishing or setting powders have very little coverage, or are translucent. They're meant to be used last to keep your makeup in place.

    Then there are mineral powders. I've used a couple different brands, and from my experience, they have very sheer coverage.

    I hope this is what you wanted to know.

    • So it's OK to use liquid foundation then the powder that just says powder and a finishing translucent powder? Without looking cakey

    • Sorry, I just realized I kind of repeated myself in my explanation lol.

      Personally I wouldn't just because that's a lot of products, and I don't like wearing a lot of makeup.

      I don't think it would look cakey as long as you don't apply too much. Just try it and see how it looks. Trial and error is how I've figured out what works/doesn't work on my skin.

    • Yea I actually tried it today and I think that I will just skip the finishing powder and only use it to set the concelar. Thx for answering and commenting love:)!

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