Why do some guys have mostly girl friends?

My boyfriend is kind of like that. His best friend is a girl, and although he does have guy friends it seems like the majority of the people he talks to or hangs out with are girls... I'm not jealous or anything, I just don't get why some guys are like that. Any insight?


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  • My boyfriend is that way as well. And ironically, most of my friends are guys. I think it's just the way a certain person relates, I relate to guys better and he relates to girls. And actually there are SO many aspects of our relationship that I sort of take on the typical guys perspective and he takes on the typical girls.

    For instance, he loves "chick flicks" and I can't hardly stand them. I love horror movies and he doesn't like them because they freak him out. I watch NASCAR and hockey, and he doesn't really get into ANY sports (actually we both watch MMA). And a bunch of other stuff like that.


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  • A couple possibilities:

    (1) Biologically, men and women are extremely similar. "Masculine" and "feminine" are socially created gender roles. Your boyfriend could be a biological man who has adopted the socially defined woman role.

    (2) He tried to get with a number of those girls before, though not directly (hence being friends first). Or, he gets a lot of female attention and lets them hang around.

    Does he talk/act like a woman? Does he communicate indirectly? Is he emotional and flexible? Is he flirty? Does he like things like cars, sports, and video games? The answers to these questions will help you discover why he has so many female friends.


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  • here is a valid explanation for this correlation: (haha hey it rhymes)

    "In one survey of 4000 middle-aged twins, 78 percent of the women rated their "nurturance" above the men's average self-rating (Lykken, 1999), and both men and women report their friendships with women to be more intimate, enjoyable, and nurturing (Rubin, 1985; Sapadin, 1988). When wanting understanding and someone with whom to share worries and hurts, both men and women usually turn to women.

    As friends, women are more intimate than men; they talk more often and more openly (Berndt, 1992; Dindia & Allen, 1992). Curiously, women's friends are friends with each other, less often than are mean's friends (Kashima & others, 1995)."

    And that excerpt is from my pyschology text book, "Psychology" sixth edition by David G. Myers. Copyright 2001 by Worth Publishers.

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