When a girl wears a cute dress on a hangout suddenly?

when a girl wears a cute dress on a 'hangout' / supposedly a date. what do you guys think?

you hung out with a girl about three to four times and she wore comfortable yet stylish clothes. but on one hangout she suddenly wears a cute dress which was unexpected. what do you think?


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  • Puts me in turmoil and brings back memories of when I was 18. haha.

    This girl I was just becoming friends with, I had a crush on her big time. Things are going good and we're getting fairly comfortable with each other. We had a study date and she called me maybe 20minutes early and tells me she's hungry so instead of studying we go to a buffet. I met her there and she's just standing in front of the entrance in the hottest little dress I'd thought I'd ever seen.

    She was the sporty, athletic, track pants and tank top, type of girl. I'd never seen her all dressed up before then. It came as a complete shock to me. I was young and dumb.

  • I'd think it was hot enough out for her to want to wear one and wanted to feel pretty. Dressing up for a guy? Nah, dress for you! and only you!


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