How can I make my hair grow longer and faster?

The longest my hair has ever been was about 3 inches below my shoulders. I am trying to change up my look and grow my hair out so that it extends beyond my boobs, kind of like this --> link

Right now, my hair length resembles this-->(not me)


what are some tips to make your hair grow longer and faster?

is it true that hair length is determined by genes? like not all girls can grow their hair beyond a certain length?

I hate my hair length now, it looks so iffy and bleh...I thought about cutting it really short, to change up my look, but I'm too insecure and attached to my longish hair, and I don't think short hair really expresses who I am.


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  • well... it takes years to grow out your hair... it took me three years once to get it to that length, what I would recommend is to eat stuff like avocados and nuts and lots of protein cause that's good for your hair.

    • you serious...3 years?

    • well... I had been straightening it a lot so the damage slowed it down alot, but hair grows on average like 1.5 cm a month so... it will take a while.

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  • Consume a lot of vitamins (poly-vitamin capsules are alright, but you want to consume the "real" ones from the exact fruits & vegetables, go on) and protein (your hair are made from protein), get proper nutrition, avoid diets as they rob your organism, exercise often to improve your blood-circulation, wash your hair at least every other day to prevent dandruff and greasing.


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  • Decrease stress in your life, eat a good diet full of healthy protein and get yourself a good healthy hair supplement like Reloxe.

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